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CSR: Blood Donation Camp with Rotary

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March 2011 marked the beginning of Techcil’s employee-driven social responsibility
(CSR) program. A blood donation camp was organised with the Rotary Club, Bangalore.

The Rotary club team set up the camp at the company premises with their blood
donation kits and equipment. With active participation from our staff, the Rotary
team appreciated our initiative in light of huge demand for blood donations in the
city. Each donor was presented with a certificate from Rotary Club as a token of

“As a socially responsible company we have initiated a formal process to focus
on CSR activities with the support of all our team members. The aim is to
demonstrate that as a company we are making a meaningful contribution to our
society. We picked the blood donation camp as our first initiative because a lot of
people, hospitals and NGOs need help here. It is amazing how half an hour of your
time can save so many lives. Our staff have been wonderful and supportive all
through, and with their initiative we were able to take this noble cause forward,”
– Manjinder Singh, MD at Techcil Technology.

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Donate Blood, it saves lives!


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  1. Gowri Shankar G

    When we need blodd for ourselves or a relative, we think that its our right to receive blood. We are ready to pay for a few bottles of blood but unfortunately it is not something that can be manufactured in a factory as needed. If you expect to receive blood during emergency or as a part of the treatment, then you should certainly do the noble act of blood donation regularly to save life of others. If even half of the people who are eligible to donate blood do it once or twice in a year, then we will not have blood shortages. It takes just half an hour to donate blood, then why not take the short time from our busy lives and participate in a nearby blood donation program.

    There is not substitute for human blood !

    …Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does !!!

    Thank you,

    Gowri Shankar G.
    Account Manager –
    Bangalore, India